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Cleveland Ford Cars and Trucks Dealers Find Success with Online Social Networks

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Ford and area dealerships have gone social! Ever since Facebook released its social scene to businesses, Ford has created Fan Pages for each one of their new cars and new trucks. Ford dealerships across the country have also found a way to connect to Ford owners and buyers by creating a fan page for their dealership. However, it wasn’t enough for this American automaker; Ford also is active on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr as well as top social bookmarking sites such as Delicious.

Ford Motor Company and dealerships have been very successful with active profiles on Facebook. Ford has the solution for engaging its fans and attracting more people, whether they are new or classic Ford owners or are just car enthusiasts. Do you want to know the secret to successful social media campaigns? Just look at what Ford does with its Facebook fan pages.

5 Ways the Ford Motor Company Engages Fans

1.      Frequent polls – This is an example of one poll posted on Ford Motor Company’s fan page recently: “LA Lifeguards and Hybrid Escapes on the beach at Portraits of hope yesterday- what’s not to like? We’ll post pictures soon but now we’re wondering- will you be laying on the beach or by the pool this summer?” (Posted on May 27, 2010) – Each wall post includes a link on Facebook, where fans can vote. The results are given just a few days later or sooner. The results for this poll? The results of this particular poll were posted the next day: “We polled Ford fans: pool versus beach and you voted… beach. Let this photo get you in the mood. Here is the L.A. County Lifeguard Services’ fleet with their 45 Escape Hybrids which have been used in more than 19,754 rescues and nearly 3 million rescue preventions. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!”

2. Wall Posts with Pictures – What’s more engaging than reading a wall post with a great pic of a new Ford Hybrid Escape or Fusion? Pictures sell. There’s even a picture of an assembly line.

3. Daily updates – Want to keep your fans and friends engaged? Write fun, light and interesting wall posts, discussions, polls, and links to keep fans interested in Ford trucks and cars.

4. Public updates – Yes, let your fans post their pictures of new, preowned or classic Ford cars and trucks, after all that’s why Ford is in business – selling cars to people. The best way to get fans engaged in conversation is allowing them some freedom to post their stories, comments, questions, pictures and links too. One fan posted the picture of his Ford Focus from the Czech Republic.

5. Add Apps – Facebook has almost every kind of app available for businesses to utilize and promote their products, services and information. Ford has a video app with several short videos about its new Ford cars and trucks’ features including the Ford SYNC, inflatable rear seat belts and the AppLink for the all new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Also, check out the Ford Webcasts, a new application for companies that have such media online.

In today’s competitive automotive marketplace, it pays to be found both on TV and online, and with YouTube’s video social network, Ford can be in two places at once. Ford’s YouTube channel not only advertises its newest vehicle, the Ford Fiesta scheduled to debut sometime this summer, but also other new Ford cars and trucks, Drive Safe and Drive Smart videos. Videos are added often featuring the most recognized features of Ford’s line of vehicles as well as recent auto shows and national commercials.

The Ford Story also has its own channel, which reaches out to communities as well as provides that extra personal touch for Ford fans and enthusiasts across the country and around the world. The Ford Story channel touts it is “Your Story,” Ford fans can tell their own story about how Ford helped them or how Ford helps communities. Ford does community service too.

Ford’s Facebook and YouTube social networks wouldn’t be complete without the ever increasing popular micro-blogging aka social network, Twitter. When people search for Ford on Twitter, Ford is always number one with its recognizable blue and chrome oval logo. How many people are following the Ford Motor Company, let’s try 31,407 as of this writing. Ford’s Twitter account may not beat out Ashton Kutcher’s 5 million plus followers, but Ford is still quite happy that it has loyal followers. Ford offers timely tweets about production, new features, news, dispels rumors and offers safety advice for all its new cars and trucks.

Other verified Ford sites that are found on these popular social networks include:

Ford Driving Skills For Life on Twitter as FordDSFL and – Ford took the opportunity to educate young and newly licensed drivers about the driving safely and how to handle various road conditions. FDSFL knows it’s never too early to teach teens about proper driving skills, even more than what many driving schools offer. Two of the best ways to reach young drivers is through social networking and Ford has found success here.

As long as social networking trends continue, Ford’s new trucks and cars will continue to be active online in order to keep fans and owners’ loyalty across the nation. Online social networks have more power and diversity to reach more people, and this American auto manufacturer has a captive and active audience.

Rob Gillingham is the General Manager of Bob Gillingham Ford, located in Parma, Ohio, which sells a variety of new Ford cars and trucks, preowned and Ford classic vehicles. They are Northeast Ohio’s only combination Saleen and Roush dealer and has been in business since 1957.


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