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Cleveland Golf Equipment: Irons

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The folks over at Cleveland Golf are probably best known for their drivers and wedges. In fact, the Internet is filled with glowing reviews on their Black Pearl wedge and HiBore driver. However, their very efficient and well priced iron sets are beginning to make their mark on fairways throughout the golfing world and the
mid to high handicap golfer.

Cleveland has several series of iron clubs. Some, like the Black Pearl and the CG Tour series are best left to the pro golfers and low handicap players. Vijay Singh carries the Black Pearl irons on tour. The midrange and higher handicap golfer will enjoy the basic CG gold products and the new HiBore hybrid irons. The HiBore hybrid series fits the mid to higher handicap golfer and is well priced. Interestingly, Vijay uses a HiBore driver.

The Cleveland HiBore Iron series is simply a very forgiving set of clubs that has a large club face that can camouflage a multitude of errors. Even if a ball is slightly mis-hit, the golfer loses very little, if any, distance. And do they get distance. The big club head makes it a bit difficult to work your shot into a small landing area, but I’ll trade distance for cuteness any day. These irons love to hit a straight golf ball.

Now that you have gotten some good distance from your HiBore hybrid irons, you can be on, or around the green on the par fours. Suddenly, your confidence increases when hitting those pesky middle irons.

The club head is nicely balanced and a little heavy. However, the HiBore irons will skim along the ground and should reduce the number of “fat” iron shots. The heavy head helps when hitting a ball out of the rough, saving a stroke or two.

If you feel a bit more comfortable with your game and are prepared to trade some forgiveness for a little more feel and control, take a look at the Cleveland CG Gold iron series. Fortunately, the CG Gold series doesn’t sacrifice as much forgiveness as some of the other brands and the set, from the 3 iron to the pitching wedge, is very consistent.

Unlike the HiBore hybrid irons, you can insert a bit of strategy into your round of golf. For example, one likes to keep the golf ball in a lower trajectory when hitting into the wind. Using a CG Gold, iron a ball hit well back in the stance will stay low and, depending on the plan, draw or fade nicely on to the green. This is where the hybrids can get in trouble as the wind will knock down those high flying cannon shots. You may get a small stinger or two on a mis-hit shot (although Cleveland is a leader in the vibration adsorption department), but the clubs still have a great deal of forgiveness.

The CG Gold irons also have a flighted shaft. This engineering design is an attempt to add a little loft to your long irons and bring it down when hitting the shorter clubs. Back spin is not affected.

There is really not much difference between the HiBore and CG Gold irons. Maybe low nineties are a good dividing point. Above, look at Cleveland HiBore irons. Below, perhaps the CG Gold irons are your best bet. No matter what your choice, Cleveland irons will add some class to your golf bag and perhaps lower your score.

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