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Confidence-inspiring TaylorMade Rescue Hybrids 2009

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The Rescue Hybrids 2009 is a throwback in a way as the clubhead size is similar to the original Rescue Mid as opposed to the over-sized hybrids being put on the market today. The Rescue 2009 boasts a “two-tiered, monochromatic crown and silver clubface” which is huge improvement in my opinion over the Rescue Mid’s appearance.

The Taylor Made Rescue features a stainless steel head with Ultra-Thin Wall technology which allows additional weight from the walls to be better distributed throughout the head for better trajectories and forgiveness. It has an aesthetically pleasing, compact head shape that is both confidence-inspiring and more versatile. Its new, Low-Friction sole reduces turf-drag and increases playability from most any lie on the course.

“As hybrids have evolved since the Rescue Mid was created, they’ve gotten bigger. The heads have lengthened from front to back and from heel to toe, and the soles have expanded,” said Harry Arnett, TaylorMade senior director of the metalwood category. “Compare an original Rescue Mid to a 2008 Burner Rescue hybrid and the difference is plain to see. These changes were made for good reason “to move the CG lower and deeper and to increase MOI and forgiveness. Unfortunately they made the head bigger, bulkier and more like a fairway wood, when one of the most attractive of the Rescue Mid’s qualities was that its head was bigger than an iron’s, yet much more compact than a 5-wood’s. That’s why we’ve harkened back to our roots when we designed our newest hybrid by borrowing liberally from the original Rescue Mid while at the same time incorporating with our newest technologies. We call it, simply, the TaylorMade Rescue 2009.”

The Rescue 2009 comes in two flavors, the standard Rescue and the Rescue TP with the big difference being that the Rescue TP hybrid has the same Flight Control Technology (FCT) technology that’s in the R9 driver and fairway woods, while the standard Rescue hybrid does not. For those who like to tweak their clubs, the TP version might be for you.

Anyone looking to replace not just a long iron, but (as in my case) an old hybrid, should give this a swing. I’ve reviewed and tried numerous hybrid and Rescue clubs in the past three or so years and only put ones by TaylorMade in my bag. Others have come close and tempted me to make a switch, but I could never pull the trigger. Only by TaylorMade mixing the old with the new was I willing to make that switch.

Golfers’ review:

I have the ’07 Burner rescue/hybrid 3, 4, and 5; I am buying #6 today. I do like the irons against a “tight lie” just to save the bottom of the Rescue club if nothing else but as a high handicapper I like the confidence these magic clubs offer.

These clubs are awesome. A perfect swing for me yields around 190-210 yards. I am not a long hitter but you can get some distance with these hybrids.

Taylormade Rescue club are “Outstanding.” I play with the Taylormade 2, 3, 4 and 3 Wood. I have tried many brand hybrid clubs and could not hit with them. However, I learned to hit down on the golf ball with the TaylorMade Rescue clubs. My game improved overnight. The loft of the Rescue clubs are great, you don’t have to hit the swing hard, all you have to do is focus and hit down on the ball. I recommend these clubs to anyone who wants to improve their game.

This club is excellent out of the rough and very versatile. I can use it anywhere from 175 yards to well over 200 yards. I would recommend this club to anyone who needs to build confidence in their fairway game.

I tried my TM Rescue for the first time Monday on the course, and love it. I used it from the tee, out of a fairway bunker, and off the turf with excellent results. I highly recommend this club to anyone looking to hit the ball consistently where you aim!

What a great club. I’ve never hit a rescue club until this one and I love it. Long shot from the rough, no sweat, this club does it all. Very easy to hit and haven’t had any missed shots yet. I recommend this to anyone looking for this type of club.

I have the TM 2I Rescue. It is one of the easier rescue clubs to hit. The distance is pretty good. But what is most exciting about this club is its workability and playability in from the rough. I am so glad I replaced my 5wood with this.

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