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Hybrid Golf Clubs May Leave a Hole in Your Bag

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Hybrid golf clubs have many, many benefits, but there is one problem that golfers switching over will face. That problem relates to the distance gap. The distance gap is a specific yardage that you don’t have a club for. You either need to swing a club hard or a club soft. Point is, you can’t swing your normal swing. Essentially, you have a hole in your bag.

One of the most immediate benefits I noticed right after I switched to a hybrid 3 and 4 related to increased distance. I normally would hit my 3-iron between 190-200 yards, that is when I could hit it at all. My 4-iron would be in the 180-190.

Now, that has changed with the hybrids. I hit my hybrid 3 between 200-220, I’ve even caught one that went 245. Of course that was a little downwind. I also hit the hybrid 4 190-200 max. I hit my regular 5 iron about 170-175 max. Hence the problem that many hybrid golf club owners face. What do I hit when I’m between 175 & 190 yards out?

Switching to the hybrid golf clubs caused a 15 yard gap in my game that I no longer have a full club to hit.

These are your options you have available to bridge that gap:

Better course management. This is probably the worst suggestion, but it’s also the only option that won’t cost you any money. You simply play your round with the conscious effort of not putting yourself in the gap range. For example, my gap is between 175-190. That means I don’t leave myself with an approach shot in the range. I have to position my drives and layup shots better to give myself a full swing into the green. If I get in this gap zone, I either under-swing or over-swing. This option will likely cost you a stroke per round.

Buy a club to fill the gap. In my case, I just needed to buy a hybrid 5 to cancel out my 175-190 yard gap. This means that I carry a hybrid 5 for the 175-190 and a regular 5 for the 175 and below. This also means that I am 1 club over my 14 club limit. For me, it’s a course by course decision and it all depends on the length of the course. If it’s a short course, I’ll leave out the regular 5 iron in favor of that extra wedge. If it is a long course, I’ll pull a wedge in favor of both 5′s. You have to figure out what works for you in that situation.

Buy a full hybrid and game improving set. Callaway, Cleveland, Adams and all the other major manufacturers are producing full sets now that have hybrid long irons and game improving short irons. These clubs are manufactured to eliminate the distance gap and give you a more normal distance progression.

For me, it is adding the extra club. I really like my scoring irons to be traditional. However, I have a friend that just bought the Cleveland HiBore’s and he has knocked off about 8 strokes off his game. Again, that’s golf for you. It’s all about what you want and what you are comfortable with.

Brian Kroll is the author of Hybrid Golf Clubs Online and is an avid golfer and expert on hybrid golf clubs.

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