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My Gorgeous Ping G15 Hybrid

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With a club as easy to hit as the G15 hybrid, why fight a difficult long iron? The new G15 hybrid offers great distance, incredible forgiveness, and loads of versatility in a new package.
The compact shape of the G15 hybrid’s 17-4 stainless steel head is much shorter in length (from face to back) than most other fairway wood-inspired hybrids.(Ping G15 Hybrid) Instead, think of this hybrid as being more like a driving iron, similar to the hybrids made popular by Adams. The intention of this design is to make the player set up to hit this hybrid the same way they would with a regular iron.
Again, the G15 hybrid looks much like a driving iron, but with a shortened, curving black head. The head design is very much a departure from its previous-generation, fairway wood-inspired G10 counterpart. The thickness of the face is immediately visible, as a couple of millimeters of grey steel face extend at the crown. The sole is mostly flat and clean, with the weight pads, the signature PING logo, the loft of the club, and the G15 stamping (all in the red and black common to the G15 line) being the only markings visible on the polished sole.
To be completely honest, I wasn’t very comfortable with the long iron replacement at first. Luckily, first impressions don’t equate to the lasting opinion, and this club is proof of that. At address, what seems like a large amount of offset – if you’ll pardon the pun – really threw me off. The irons I play have a very minimal amount of offset,(PING G15 Driver) and going from one extreme to the other took a little bit of getting used to.
The other problem I had was the stock rubber grip, which was a little too small. Still, this is such a minor issue, it’s really barely worth mentioning. After having the grip swapped for a midsize New Decade Multi-Compound, my experience was considerably better. I’m not sure if it was a mental thing or not, but in my mind, it reinforces how important of a role the comfort of the hands play in the golf swing. As a side note, the red and black New Decade Multi-Compound was a great match for this club.
It was immediately obvious after my first trip to the driving range that this hybrid is a real beast. It didn’t seem to matter where on the clubface contact was made, it still launched the ball long and straight. With that in mind, the feel isn’t much different on a perfectly struck shot than it is on one struck near the toe (which can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on who you ask). This may be a drawback to some, but I don’t think anyone could complain about the performance this club delivers.
Game improvement is definitely the name of the game with the G15 hybrid. The club is ridiculously easy to hit, and would be a great addition to any mid to high handicapper’s bag.(Ping G15 Iron Set) Better players may not like the amount of offset, but that will certainly help anyone that fights a slice. No one can deny the level of consistency this club can bring to your game, even if you have problems making consistent contact at the same area on the clubface. Though the G15 will not be the most workable club, you can be confident in the fact that it will get you out of any lie without a problem. All in all, my overall experience with the club was great, as it’s very long and very forgiving. I’d undoubtedly recommend it to anyone looking for a great hybrid.


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