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New Srixon 2011 GiE Lineup

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Well I guess I was wrong. With XXIO’s launch of a new forged lineup, I thought Srixon was not going to continue with it’s GiE lineup which pretty much targets a similar midcapper and improving player audience. I guess though there may be room for more choice as the GiE is typically priced lower than their XXIO counterparts by up to 30%. The new XXIO Forged lineup can be considered more of a premium line while the GiE is more budget oriented performance.

The GiE line will include a new hybrid golf club, fairway hybrids and hybrid golf clubs. The new woods will feature new shafts made by Miyzaki for Srixon which look pretty good.  The GiE will also feature hybrid golf clubs, woods and hybrid golf clubs for the lady golfer. Srixon aims to provide a balanced package of distance, ease of use and stability with the new GiE line. It’s a while away until the launch which is scheduled for late January of next year. We should have the pre order up in the pro shop 2-3 weeks before launch.

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