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Nike VR Pro Series

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Nike VR Pro Series

The newest Nike VR Pro lineup seemed to be created with a critical level of input from their staff pros and this has influenced tour-level handle over these new products. Drivers and fairway woods feature STR8-FIT TOUR adaptable technology and a Variable Compression Channel that increases the quantity of club face sweet places. Brand new X3X high-frequency grooves and accuracy forging tend to be combined with the flexibility of pocket cavity, split-cavity or blades inside the irons. From woods to irons to wedges, the VR Pro Series offers considerable advancements over last year’s clubs and also a variety of reasons to have excited about Nike in 2011.

Nike VR Pro Driver

The Nike VR Pro Driver is really a four-piece titanium forged club with a thin crown and also a re-engineered compression channel, and also a several much more functions that make this a vast improvement over last year’s VR STR8-Fit Tour.


This motorist from Nike implores a unique and also fascinating procedure for strengthening ball speed in the brand new Variable Compression Channel. Nike desired to match the compression from the golf ball contrary to the face with the data compresion with the channel at the point of impact. The end wanted outcome being improved ball speed over the entire clubface.

The VR Pro Driver additionally makes use of Nike’s STR8-FIT Tour technology which supplies 32 choices to modify your club face angle. And finally, based on input from your tour staff, the club was designed with a pear shape permitting more weight at the best CG locations for hotter launch and optimal spin.

Style and design

The VR Pro Driver’s pear-shaped club head includes a conventional feel and look and a crisp, powerful and comforting blast of sound at impact. The sole shows slick, modern lines and a cool black/red/silver color design, though the very simple, soft black finish on the pear-shaped crown supplies a standard check out address.

The realignment mechanism on the hosel is less recognizable in this golf club compared to the previous version. And while the flexibility features in this driver are usually delicate and more suited to the advanced player, the modern look need to suit the eye of a wide range of gamers.

Nike VR Pro STR8-FIT Fairway Wood

The tour sports athletes didn’t limit their input to the driver. They called for a flat profile and lower major edges for self confidence over the ball and greater management, and so Nike provided it for them – and to you – in the VR Pro Fairway Woods. Just like the driver, the fairway woods also include STR8-FIT Tour tech and a Adjustable Compression Channel. The traditional pear-shape and also lower profile really make for a self-confident address and swing.

Nike VR Pro Hybrid

The full compression channel and also adjustable face thickness improve speed off the face for what Nike calls a “21% hotter face” than earlier VR hybrids. Cleaner contact was also a spotlight in this latest model with Nike’s Variable Sole Chamber – flatter on longer clubs for more restrictive lies and deeper on increased lofts for more shot choices – guiding the club through impact without disturbance from the turf.

Nike VR Pro Blades

All new X3X high-frequency grooves and also a more precise forging procedure for Nike produces irons that provide shot-shaping performance. Each iron face features more grooves, leading to cleaner, more consistent ball flight and also spin whilst still contouring to the new USGA and R&A guidelines. The brand new VR Pro blade has much more grooves, closer together and deeper, adding handle and increasing regularity. Precision-forging has eliminated most handwork and also ensures regularity over the set. The flatback design of the VR Pro Blades is definitely the collection of top-level players and is also designed for a professional game where shot-making and workability are critical.

Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons

For all those searching for a much more order and also manage, the Nike VR Pro Cavity Irons give much more distance and forgiveness than the forged irons. The Opti-Mass Weighting System contains a high-density tungsten-resin insert for targeted CG placement. Through the entire set, the midst of gravity is smartly situated to create distance and also higher trajectory.

Nike also employed new Linear CG Mapping to move the center of gravity steadily and also constantly throughout every club in the set for better launch and steady distance control.

The VR Pro Cavity is generally the most effective seeking cavity golf irons out there, with subtle lines plus a much less boxy and bulky look that you simply occasionally observe in the game enhancement category. Likewise, it provides a really clean look at address reminiscent of a blade.

Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

If you take a glance inside today’s tour player’s hand bags, you’ll observe that many of them are generally combining blades along with cavities to make their own entire set. This can be gaining popularity among average to advanced beginner golf players who seek accuracy within their scoring golf clubs, but a little more distance, forgiveness and regularity in their longer irons. The 2, 3 and 4 irons are full pocket cavity golf irons. The 5, 6 and 7 are Nike’s Split Cavities offering perimeter weighting, and not the channel with the long golf irons. And finally, your 8-PW are pure blades for great quick game feel. An excellent set with regard to increasing players looking to consider their own game to the next level, although not very prepared to Dustin Johnson a 3-iron blade 225 from the rough.

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