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Taylor Made R7 CGB Iron Review

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Golfers Seeking the very best iron performance will get it in the r7 CGB Max iron; the longest and easiest to hit model in the TaylorMade line thanks to its thin, fast face and super-sized design. The r7 CGB Max iron features a large, high strength steel clubface that’s thin, flexible and fast. This clubface has a high COR (coefficient of restitution) for faster ball speed and extreme distance. The extra large clubhead also features tungsten weights for ultra-high MOI (moment of inertia) making it an extremly forgiving and easy to hit iron. The Clubface also incorporates TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone technology which is a proven driver technology that expands the high COR zone for higher ball speed on mis-hits and more distance from shot to shot . The club’s center of gravity back (CGB) makes it super easy to launch the ball high and long for increased carry and distance and it’s SuperFast Techonology with a lightweight grip and shaft, thin and fast clubface give more clubhead speed, more ball speed and overall more distance.





Many people who have complaints about these clubs have not done their homework as to what these clubs are about and the type of golfer who should use these clubs. For example many golfers claim they hit these clubs much further. This is true when comparing a Max iron to a conventional club, but the reason they go futher is that every club in this set is “delofted” by 3 or 4 degrees. Delofting a club will increase the distance. When pro hits a given club 30 yards futher then the norm, the fan has no idea how he has adjusted his loft for his game. A pro’s 7 iron may be comparable to to a standard set’s 5 iron, adding twenty or more yards. These clubs have super hitability which makes all the irons, including the lower one’s, very easy to hit. In fact they do not hit much longer based on loft, it’s that many golfer’s are comparing apples and oranges by thinking all numbered irons are equal in loft and that Taylormade has somehow made clubs fly longer. They have merely changed the lofts. The downside to this design is that they are bulky in order to make them have a very big sweet spot and fly straighter for high handicap golfers who would have no ability to hit quality pro clubs “dead solid perfect.” The tradeoff is that these club have no feel, can not be “worked” and if the golfer actually reaches a point where he/she really wants to advance to the next level these clubs would not be acceptable. These clubs are for people who like golf and have skill limitations due to inability to practice or who have limited skill levels, i.e. people who regularly miss hit shots and have a slow to average swing speed who will get the extra yardage with a delofted hitable club. They will make the game fun and assist those who require fundamental compensation for a limited skill set. These are a “game improvement” club, not to make a good golfer (someone who can break 80 or even shoot in the mid 80′s)) better but designed to make a poor and sturggling golfer hopefully get a couple of pars in a round and possibly brake 90. The hybrid/iron sets on the market might be a much better configuration to the golfer considering these clubs, at a far lower price point. By the way these sets require a gap wedge for distances between the PW and SW as the loft between these two clubs is quite high and leaves a large distance gap for obtaining accuracy with a full swing.


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