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TaylorMade Rescue TP Hybrids review

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Taylor Made created their stranglehold on the metal wood category by introducing the movable weight phenomenon to golf. The new Rescue TP hybrid actually goes against that pattern by going back to the basics of club head design and materials to create the club. Having had such massive success with the original Rescue Mid, a lot of the same design ideas went into the Rescue TP for 2007.

As with all clubs branded TP (Tour Preferred), the Rescue TP is designed for the better player. It has a compact head, with a shallow face that helps get the ball up quickly. The center of gravity is a bit higher and closer to the face than in the Burner hybrid, which promotes a flatter overall ball flight and makes it easier to control the shape of your shots. A very minimal offset further increases the ability to control trajectory and shape. A single fixed weight in the sole allows for customization of swing weight during construction so that you can have the club set up to your desired specs. The stock shaft is the Fujikura Re*Ax shaft that helps to reduce ovaling of the shaft during the swing. This reduced ovaling helps to ensure consistent flex from swing to swing so you know how the club will react.

It would have probably been fairly easy for TaylorMade to drill some holes in their Rescue Mid, introduce the Rescue Dual, and call it a day. Fortunately, they’ve taken the design a bit further.

The sole has been redesigned with a new “T” shape that helps promote clubhead stability at address. It’s also designed to reduce drag through impact, promoting greater accuracy and distance.

The Rescue Dual is available in two models: TP (for “Tour Preferred” – TaylorMade’s higher-end, “better player’s equipment” line) and, “not TP.” In the Rescue Dual, the TP model has a higher center of gravity (CG) than the non-TP model to promote a lower, more boring ball flight. Additionally, the TP model comes with the Mitsubishi Diamana Hybrid graphite shaft, which is lightweight and tip stiff to promote as much control as possible.

The TaylorMade Rescue 2009 TP develops the revolutionary impact of the original Rescue Mid that did so much to change the approach of professional and amateur golfers alike. The Rescue 2009 TP borrows from the original classic design principles of the Rescue Mid but combines them with the technological advances that have brought such great strides in the rescue club sector over the past few years. The result is a compact clubhead that makes it easier to play from the rough and increases playability on every shot. The compact clubhead, a real nod to the original Rescue Mid, is joined by Ultra Thin Wall Technology which helps to lower the CG location. Combined with a completely redesigned sole these developments make the TaylorMade Rescue 2009 TP also utilizes the Flight Control Technology that is common in TaylorMade’s new R9 range. This allows the player to change the clubface angle, loft and lie of the club – the first time this has ever been possible in a hybrid. The result makes the Rescue TP the most playable and adaptable rescue club available.

Overall, it really is an outstanding golf club, and the fact that you can make it severely anti left OR right is a tremendous advantage in terms of dialing it in for the player. The look has really grown on me, to the point where I take it out sometimes just to look at it. While I think I’ll be sticking with a 4 iron/3 iron instead of the #4 hybrid, I’ll definitely be carrying the #2 in lieu of a 5 wood from now on.

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