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Thank You TSG Members for Your Donations!

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I want to thank all the TSG members for their donations to our two charity projects.  An overwhelming amount of you donated money to Jacque’s charity Warm Hearts, the blankets just arrived and will be distributed to thousands of homeless people in Las Vegas just in time for the cold winter here.

I also want to thank all of the TSG members who donated to our Young Visionaries group charity project which helped in raising $25,000 to build a music studio for troubled teens. The Music studio is state of the art and currently about 80% completed.  I have images below of its progress.  Expect one more post after the grand opening with the completion pics!

Each and everyone of you who donated money were a big part of this project, If you have not collected your tax deduction receipt please contact us.  The studio rooms were  previously old dusty storage areas filled with clutter… and look at it now!

Young Visionaries Charity

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