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Versatility-designed Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrids

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Callaway Golf has built a reputation for delivering clubs to golfers of all skill levels that can help them play better golf and enjoy the game more. They work hard to make each new club an improvement over the one’s that preceded it. The Callaway Diablo Edge hybrids were specifically designed to put a golf club in your hands that you can hit longer than your long irons – and one that is also more forgiving.

The new Diablo Edge Hybrids have been specifically designed to provide golfers with a more forgiving, distance enhancing alternative to long irons. And with both standard and Tour models, the hybrids are available in a design that will suit all player types.

The club design includes a thinner crown to allow for a lower center of gravity (CG), putting it in-line with where most amateurs strike the ball on the clubface. The result is high, strong trajectories so the ball flies farther and lands softer. The unique sole design offers better versatility and playability by creating efficient impact with the face to maximize distance, consistency and accuracy from a variety of turf conditions. VFT Technology Creates higher ball speeds across the entire face, meaning hotter distance with more consistency.

The downside with this club like with most tour model irons is the workability. It is very hard to make the ball move anyway other than left and it is almost impossible to hit low. In reality I can’t be too picky

Because this is just what the club is designed to do! Shot after shot produced a nice high, soft landing draw that in reality went just a little further than my own! (Graphite in the one I tested, Steel in the one I use).

Overall if you want to complete your set of Diablo’s with some hybrids, I would suggest picking these up after a quick fitting.

Golfers’ review:

Just bought Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid 2 and also 4. Road tested various alternatives with my local pro – including Ping G15, Yonex, Jack Nicklaus Claw, Taylor Made Burner. This was easily the most forgiving (even in Tour version) of the lot and with no loss of performance. I did on occasion hit some of the others longer (notably the Ping), but for pure penetration through the air the Callaway had no peers.

Great club after I installed an x-100 shaft. More distance in the fairway, and accurate. They are much easier to hit than the normal 5 or 6 iron. Good Job!

I took it out for a test run; I was amazed to see that I was hitting shots that were at least 20ft longer than with my other hybrids. I also was more accurate too. This was my last game of the season and I am just itching to play again.

Extremely Consistent Distance. Minimal variation left and right – goes straight on mis-hits. If you’re a player go to the tour – this is almost too forgiving.

Bought this to complete my 5-PW Diablo Edge iron set and was not disappointed. I struggle with my long irons and first time I picked this up I was knocking the ball 180+. The only problem is now I might need to pick up a 4H or 3H as well.

I already had a 3 Hybrid and felt that adding the #4 hybrid would give me a greater margin of accuracy for longer shots. My bag is now 100% Callaway.

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