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When Google met Nike

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When Google met Nike, will impact what kind of spark?

21-year-old designer from the United States Daniel Reese made a perfect interpretation – in fact, not only is Google, Daniel’s reach covers almost all elements of popular culture, including the Internet, games, cartoons, movies and music, so everyone can be found in the heart of these works well, and each may be bland double the original Nike Shoes, by his sharp pen, too, it suddenly becomes full of personality.

Since its inception, Nike’s footwear technology Free has represented the brands technological offering in the face of growing evidence that less support yields healthier foot. However, the technology has also been applied in other facets infiltrating the market on a lifestyle level. The Nike Free  Hybrid Boot represents yet another upcoming application of the Free sole. Once marketed for those looking for stronger feet and enhanced performance, the Free consistently teeters between the realm of performance and the everyday.

ULTIMATE GLORY Inspired by the famous fight between Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Completely made of red premium leather with elephant upper. The details also remind of the legendary moment. “Chavez” and “2:0″ stitches, instead of Nike labels there are “Ultimate Glory” logos on the tongue. Blood red laces and sole.. from t2b! Nike Dunk SB s were designed to facilitate specialized basketball moves like blocking and pivoting. Nike chose to sign up 8 Universities and sponsor their basketball teams by providing them with Nike Shoes that matched the color of the team??s uniform. It was only when the Nike dunks were reintroduced in 1998 and sported ??non-uniform?? colors did the popularity of Nike dunks sky rocket. Interestingly, Nike dunks introduced between 1998 and 2000 featured a nylon tongue and arch supports and are the most unique Nike dunks available till date.

  The Free Hybrid Boot’s upper boasts one of Nike’s most focused initiatives in the Considered movement which creates footwear on a sustainable level, devoid of toxic glues and environmentally unfriendly materials. The two models seen here include brown leather and black quilted leather. The flexible sole, moc styled toebox and mid cut makes us reminisce of skirt-less Visvism FBT Lhamo. If these interest you, stay patient as they aren’t slated until the Holiday ‘08 season.Welcome to our store for Nike Air Max.

If these interest you, stay patient as they aren’t slated until the Holiday ‘08 season.Welcome to our store for Nike Air Max.

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