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XXIO New 2011 Forged Hybrid Hybrid Irons… and Hybrid Golf Club and FW?

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XXIO is year in and year out a market and sales leader for average golfer model golf clubs. A division of Sri Sports along with its big brother Srixon, XXIO has created performance golf clubs with ease of use and distance in mind.

Today XXIO announced an all new 2011 XXIO Forged hybrid golf club. This announcement for me was completely expected. What I did not expect was for XXIO to also announce a new hybrid golf club and fairway hybrid.  XXIO’s main lineup of models typically come every 2 years with 2010 being the 6th generation XXIO line. Along with its all new Forged Hybrid iron, XXIO is also releasing a Forged Hybrid golf club and Forged Fairway Wood. These are NOT to replace the standard XXIO line but rather the birth of a new all Forged Lineup (this is the 3rd gen of the Forged hybrid golf club but it always stood alone).

The new forged models are made to appeal to the mid handicapper and better golfer who want a premium performance club with top notch feel and ease of use. The hybrid golf club is a mid sized pocket cavity featuring a S25C forged body paired with a high strength ultra thin HT1770 face which provides a 15% larger sweetspot than the previous generation XXIO Forged.

The Forged Hybrid golf club and Forged Fairway wood are more compact compared to the standard XXIO woods and feature deeper faces and heavier lower torque shafts. The Forged hybrid cup Super TIX face features a 9 part bulge and roll design. The Forged Fairway wood features a very much in demand forged hybrid cup SP700 Titanium face which is only 1.6mm thin. The body is made of soft maraging steel. Again, a deeper face and heavier, lower torque shafts than the standard XXIO Fairway woods.

This is an interesting strategy by XXIO as these models would technically overlap the Srixon GIE line and target the same audience. This leads to speculation that the GIE line will not be renewed but then again, one never knows these days.  These are clubs I’m definitely looking forward to trying especially because I love the feel of forged woods. It’ll be a while before the come out though as they are slated for mid December.

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